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ResQmax™ Line Deployment System

Everything you need to launch a 3mm messenger line up to 350ft. (107m). The 500 ft. (152m) Dacron line has a tensile strength of 500lbs. Once you have the messenger line across, use it to pull across the rescue rope. Kit includes: ResQmax™ Launcher with folding stock Streamline line projectile with 2 spare molded PVC…
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ResQmax™ Swiftwater Rescue Kit

The Sling Projectile inflates on contact with the water to become a flotation collar for the subject or at minimum, an easy to hold floating ring. The 300 ft. (92 m), 8 mm Polyspectra line floats and has a tensile strength of 2,200 lbs. Average launch distance with the sling projectile is 200 ft. (61…
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