CMC ProSeries Chest Harness – NFPA

The ProSeries Chest Harness attaches to the ProSeries Rescue Harness to turn it into a certified full-body, Class III harness. New, molded padding with breathable 3-D Cloth provides greater comfort and lighter weight. The chest harness attaches to the front and back D-Rings on the sit harness without interfering with their use. The rear D-Ring is certified as a fall arrest attachment point. The front chest D-Ring transfers the load to the sit harness, increasing comfort in a vertical lift. Certified for use with the ProSeries Rescue Harness, and CMC Rescue Harness.

Size: One size, fully adjustable
Weight: 3 lbs, 5 oz.
Color: Black with blue padding

Price: Regular Price $207.50

CMC ProSeries Radio Harness

Back straps provide great comfort while keeping the harness stable. The radio pocket is easy to adjust and fits a wide range of radios. The front of the outside pocket has a strap for taping on a smoke can. The pocket flap has a place to clip a speaker mike. The large panel pocket closes with hook-and-loop and can be used for note pads, folded maps, or an extension antenna. Shoulder straps have elastic loops to keep track of the ends. The loop on the left shoulder can also be used to secure the end of your antenna. Made of 1000 denier Cordura nylon for long-wear under rugged conditions.

Color: Black


Price: Regular Price $91.00

CMC ProSeries Rescue Harness – NFPA

The unique contoured padding pattern and breathable material on the waist and leg padding provides a snug, comfortable fit while allowing more air circulation. The front lift design increases sitting comfort and the Web-Keepers secure loose ends of the web coming out of the buckles. Quick-fit buckles on the legs make donning the harness easy and quick. The 1-3/4 inch web used for the adjusting straps wraps completely around for incredible strength. Unique construction of the padding protects the stitching from abrasion where the padding contacts the body.

Features include:

  • Front lift design provides increased comfort by creating better weight distribution.
  • D3 Cloth for better breathability provides increased comfort.
  • Web-keepers create a secure place for loose tails.
  • Molded padding for better fit, increased comfort and support.
  • Large front D-Ring easily accepts 3 rescue carabiners.

Weight: 4.lbs. 4.oz.

Color: Black web with blue padding.

Small: –
Regular: –
XL: –

Price: Regular Price $326.00

CMC Proseries Victim Harness

This harness attaches quickly and securely no matter where or how the victim is positioned. Colored web makes using the harness even easier. CMC’s original V-Ring and snap design allows the harness to be put on without the victim having to step through the harness. Tie-in point also doubles as a “handle” for controlling the victim’s position. One size fits small children to large adults. Storage bag allows easy carry, ready for use, preventing tangling when accessing the victim, and is attached to the harness so it cannot be lost.

Available for shipment to U.S. addresses only

Price: Regular Price $239.00

Petzl Avao Bod Croll Fast Harness

CE-marking-logoRope Access Harness
ANSI & CE Certified

Petzl pushes comfort and practicality to the forefront with the Avao Bod Croll full body harness. The semi-rigid waist belt leg loops and shoulder straps are all lined with breathable perforated foam for maximum comfort when suspended. Attachment points at the front back and both sides of the waist offer the rescuer options for clipping in and sternal and dorsal rings allow for fall arrest gear as well. They have also integrated the Croll ventral rope clamp for ascending ropes. Three large equipment loops around the waist round out this user-friendly harness.


  • S/M  27″-47″
  • L/XL  31″-55″

Available for shipment to U.S. addresses only

Price: Regular Price $429.95$489.95

Reflective Rescue Helmet Stickers

These reflective stickers help identify rescue personnel at a rescue scene. Fits most helmets.

  • “Instructor” (in black lettering)
  • “Water Rescue” (in black lettering)
  • “Rescue” (in black lettering)

6.5″ in length x 1″ tall
Available in silver only


Price: Regular Price $3.25$5.50

Ringers Rope Rescue Gloves

The Ringers Rope Rescue Gloves provides protection, comfort and dexterity that rope rescue work demands. Features include a foam padded rope control channel on the palm along with premium synthetic leather palm and fingertip patches. The heavy-duty leather material between fingers for extra durability, also allows for incredible fingertip dexterity for knot tying. The secured cuff closure with hook and loop TPR pull tab closure, along with Kevlar stitching make this the choice of professionals.

Sizes: M-XXL

Colors: Red and Black


Price: Regular Price $20.99

RQ3 Boulder Helmet

Designed as a multi-use helmet for water rescue, rope rescue and rope access

RQ3-Gear-LogoThe RQ3 Boulder helmet is compact, lightweight, well-ventilated and equipped with aluminum anti-intrusion grills to protect against debris getting in but will let water drain out. The helmet’s outer shell is designed to withstand significant impact, with a chinstrap that has four fastening points so you don’t lose your helmet in case of an impact or a fall. You will find that the Boulder is the most comfortable, versatile helmet on the market today. One size fits most with a range of 20 to 24.4 inches.

Conforms to CE EN 12492 helmet standards.   CE-marking-logo

Key features:

  • 4-point chin strap system
  • Comfortable, moisture-wicking headband and liner that can be removed to be cleaned or replaced
  • Ventilation system with metal mesh for air circulation and to prevent debris from entering the helmet
  • Headlamp/goggle retainer clips
  • Helmet adjustment dial for customized comfortable fit

Weight: 13.8 ozs.
Colors: Hi-Viz Yellow or Red

Price: Regular Price $79.95

RQ3 Glove Holder

Taking a simple idea and improving on it, we have added an adjustable quick-release buckle that allows easy access to your gloves. The D-ring attaches the holder to your harness, coat or PFD.

Color: Black

Price: Regular Price $3.50

Yates Heavy Rescue Harness

UL Classified to NFPA 1983/2012 – Class III Chrome-UL-Button
UL Classified ANSI/OSHA Z359.1-2007

Well-suited for all fire rescue, rescue, military, industrial, confined space and commercial applications where a Class III harness is required including dorsal D ring. This full body harness combines the fall arrest protection needed in a Class III harness with the comfort of a waist level rappel point. D rings on top of the shoulders allow the use of a spreader bar system for industrial use. Forged color coded two piece quick connect leg and sternum buckles allow the harness to be easily donned in confined space situations.

Small (24″ – 36″)
Regular (26″ – 54″)
X-Large (34″ – 64″)

Price: Regular Price $245.00

Yates Seat Harness

UL Classified to NFPA 1983/2017 Chrome-UL-Button

The Seat Harness was designed for fire departments, rescue, military, industrial, and commercial applications. It is quickly and easily donned and adjusted by using the camlock buckles. The large D ring provides a clip-in point that accepts multiple connections, and it makes clipping quick and secure even when hanging in the harness. The wide waist and leg loop webbing offer great comfort and support. Made in the USA.

Size: One size, fully adjustable 26″ to 54″

Color: Orange

Weight: 1 lb. 9 oz.


Price: Regular Price $135.00

Yates Technical Rescue II Harness

UL Classified to NFPA 1983/2017 edition standards 
UL Classified ANSI OSHA Z359.11-2014 and CAN/CSA Z259.10-12

This is a tuned down super lightweight version of the popular Voyager Harness. A great harness for entry-level technical rescue, rope access, short haul, and basic rope rescue uses. The waist belt portion and leg pads of the harness use smaller and thinner padding material to save weight and reduce bulk, still providing excellent comfort and support. Leg pad orientation can be adjusted to allow the user to obtain a perfect placement of the leg pad system to accommodate personal preferences. Dorsal D ring is easily adjustable on rear of chest. Attachment points at waist, chest, and back (dorsal). Shoulder straps are specially tailored to reduce chafing of the neck. Weight: 4 lbs.


  • S/M: 26″ – 37″
  • L/XL: 34″ – 45″

Price: Regular Price $335.00 • Call: 1-800-457-3728