1″ Tubular Webbing

This 1″ tubular webbing is constructed to military specifications 5625 and is made by needle loom construction. Tubular webbing has many uses, including anchor systems, technical rigging, climbing systems, and patient packaging. It takes and holds knots and can also easily be undone even after a great amount of pressure is applied. Allow for up to 3 splices per spool.

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ACR Water Activated LED C-Strobe™

This C-Strobe™ has automatic activation when in contact with water, and is waterproof at 3.3 feet for 24 hours. Features an impact resistant case. PFD clip lanyard velcro strap (not shown). USCG/SOLAS approved. 2 AA batteries (included).

Burn time: 120+ hours
Power: 45 lumens
Dimensions: 5″ x 1-1/2″ x 1-1/4″

Price: Regular Price $22.00

Adjustable Auto Window Punch

This easy-to-use tool features a lightweight corrosion resistant aluminum barrel with knurled finish, and a hardened steel point for dependable punching power.

Dimensions: 5-1/2″ x 5-1/8″

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Advanced Swiftwater Rescue Technician®

Measures: 3-1/4″ x 2-1/2″

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Akua Rescue and Dive Knife

Whether you’re on a rescue or paddling the river, the Akua rescue knife attaches easily and securely to your PFD, boat deck, BCD, or leg. When the situation arises, quickly release the knife, and cut your way free with the serrated blade. The blunt tip won’t puncture inflatables, and works as a screw/pry tip. Be ready with a sturdy cutting tool at your fingertips.
Overall length: 5 3/4″
Blade length: 3″
Color: Green or Black

Price: Regular Price $29.95

Baker Hanger

Tired of your drysuit or wetsuit taking days to dry? Try this hanger! Save your investment with this unique drying/storage hanger. The large shell style molded shoulders allow air to circulate better—a must for multiple days on the river.

Holds up to 100 lbs.

Color: Black


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Basic Water Package – Shore Based

A must for command, safety and support personnel or shore-based personnel during a water related incident. This package is designed for easy storage in any unit that may respond to such incidents. Suggested training level: Swiftwater & Flood Operations First Responder. Click the item below to see details.

Package includes:

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Bullet Waist Throwbag

Bullet Waist Throwbag

The throwbag that can be on you at all times, with quick easy access! This bag was designed to be hands-free storage on your waist for quick deployment at any time. The bag comes with a RQ3 mini throwbag with polypropylene rope and pouch. The bag fits into a zippered pouch with a Velcro closure and is secured to your waist for your safety. To use, open the Velcro flap and pull the throwbag free with one hand. The belt and pouch stays on you deploying only the rope. If needed, the belt has a quick-release buckle.

Choose 50 feet of either 1/4 inch poly or 1/4 inch UltraLine™ rope.

Price: Regular Price $44.95$68.95

Carlson 4-Inch Hand Pump

Every moment counts getting your inflatable craft ready. Carlson hand pumps move a lot of air quickly, saving rescuers effort for the real task at hand. Heavy duty PVC and foam O-rings keep the Carlson 4-Inch in service and the whole pump carries a ten year guarantee. Pump inflates only.

Pump dimensions: 4” diameter x 24” high.
Volume per stroke: 0.9 gal. (3.5 liters).
Hose length: 7’. Weight: 7.3 lbs.

Price: Regular Price $245.00

Carlson River Rescue Board

The U.S. made Carlson board is constructed of Expanded Polyethylene Beads, so unlike smaller boards with flotation issues, these allow 165 lbs. of flotation and are extremely tough and nonabsorbent. The improved core allows for greater flexibility with less absorption of water. The evolved shape has stayed the same with improved features including four handles for two riders, better brushed belly grooves to grip your body and a new finish on the rails so it glides effortlessly through water.

Dimensions: 56″ x 24″ x 4″
Weight: 10.lbs
Material: Ethafoam
Color: Black/Green

Oversized shipping charges apply; available for shipment to U.S. addresses only (Contiguous 48 )

The use of these boards in rescue situations and recreational use requires training.

Price: Regular Price $399.00

Cascade Rescue Advanced Series Litter Wheel

Terrain Master

The Advanced Series Litter Wheel will saddle virtually any basket style litter. The saddle attaches to the top railing of the litter with four nylon straps – simply hook up and use the ratchet levers to cinch it down. The non-skid surface inside the litter saddle keeps the litter firmly in place.  Once your patient is loaded, the wheel assembly locks on in less than two seconds and won’t come off unless you unlock it. Constructed of 6061 T6 Aluminum, the Advanced Series Litter Wheels are designed to be packable and durable. Weighs only 31 lbs.

Price: Regular Price $1,095.00

Cascade Rescue Litter Flotation System

Designed to fit all Cascade Professional and Advanced Series Litters with Daisy Chain. The system is self-righting, maintaining the litter in a head-high horizontal position for the ease of loading. Capable of floating the litter, patient and at least one rescuer. Easily attached and removed for storage. This Flotation System is ideal for ocean, lake and swiftwater rescue. Will also fit most tube frame litters of other manufacturers.

* Litter not included

Price: Regular Price $384.00 • Call: 1-800-457-3728