RQ3 Picket System

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RQ3 Picket System includes:  Three RQ3 Cliff Pickets, 1 RQ3 Picket Anchor Plate, 1 RQ3 Picket Driver all in a super strong molded polymer case

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RQ3-Gear-LogoThe RQ3 Picket System includes:  Three RQ3 Cliff Pickets, 1 RQ3 Picket Anchor Plate, 1 RQ3 Picket Driver and Case

RQ3 Cliff Pickets: When there are no rocks, trees or man-made anchors, our pickets are a must for your rescue cache. Our 3-picket system is capable of holding thousands of pounds. Made from 1-inch DOM steel tubes, cut to lengths then hand-sanded and de-burred. The head and points are TIG welded together with a V-notch to ensure full penetration of each and every weld. We also use a custom-made tube turning machine and hand-weld each picket while the tube is turned for maximum strength.

RQ3 Picket Anchor Plate is an invaluable tool to utilize in conjunction with the cliff picket anchors you create. When used it produces a reliable mode for attaching your systems. It provides optimum spacing for the pickets and eliminates the need to use webbing to tie one picket to another. On the end of the anchor plate is the attachment point, which is raised for easy access. Made to the same high standards as our other RQ3 rigging plates, the Picket Anchor Plate was specifically designed to work with the RQ3 Cliff Pickets. It features five picket holes, one anchor attachment point, and one raised end for easy access to webbing and anchor attachment points.

RQ3 Picket Driver is unique because it not only drives in the pickets but it also pulls them out when you are done. When you use the driver with your cliff pickets you are extending their service life 10 to 1 compared to solid pickets. The Picket Driver is made of case-hardened steel and the handles are TIG-welded for strength and for an extended life. Weight: 11.2 lbs.

Picket System case: Keep your picket system safe and organized in the Plano Protector Case. This durable case is constructed of a super strong molded polymer with a 3-clip closure system and molded-in carrying handle. The Protector Series Case is lined with high density foam to protect the gear from the elements and make transportation easier.

Overall weight of system with case: 41 lbs.    Overall Size: 52" x 15" x 4"

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Cliff Picket Anchor Plate Demo

Quick View of RQ3 Picket System

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