About Us

Your one stop shop for Water, Rope, Ice, and Industrial Rescue Equipment

As a worldwide mail order company, Rescue Source distributes 50,000 catalogs annually. Customers are primarily governmental agencies, including fire departments, search and rescue teams, law enforcement and the US Military. In order to provide their mandated functions, these agencies must possess the types of specialized equipment provided by Rescue Source in order to safeguard both their personnel and the public. Because of the specialized nature of these products, Rescue Source is one of the only places for these agencies to obtain the equipment and supplies they need.

Our Brand

RQ3 Gear by Rescue Source

In 1994 Rescue Source began manufacturing quality rescue equipment under the RQ3 Gear Brand. After the initial success of our now world famous throwbags, RQ3 Gear moved into bags and hardware with a focus on innovation and rescuer safety. All of our products are designed by professional rescuers and are field tested around the world to guarantee that our products are always tough enough to survive the rigors of the rescue environment.

Current products manufactured by RQ3 Gear include:

  • Throwbags
  • Rope and Gear Bags
  • Storm Helmets
  • Storm Jacket and Pants
  • Max-wear Gloves
  • Pulleys
  • Q-Eights and Rigging Plates
  • Anchoring Systems
  • Stretcher Harness System
  • Hose Inflation System
  • Knives
  • Hardware Organizing Systems
  • Apparel

RQ3 Gear brand is available from Rescue Source and over 40 distributors around the United States.