Standing for Modular Lightweight Loadbearing Equipment, MOLLE is a system for securely attaching equipment to your person, either permanently or temporarily, as the end user desires. By using MOLLE’s Platforms and Attachments, the rescuer can outfit themselves specifically to their own mission and ergonomics with a few minutes of strap weaving. With adjustable attachments, the user is free to place radios where they want, their knife where they want, and their personal hardware how they want. Or, with low profile strap design, the user can remove all attachments for a smooth surface. It’s all up to the rescuer.

The user starts with a Platform. Platforms can be found on garments like vests or jackets, backpacks and bags, or freestanding sheets. MOLLE platforms are covered with one-inch webbing, sewn every one and half inches, which is what the pockets actually attach to on the platform. Attachments have a similar pattern of webbing the back of them along with either an integral strap or one that’s separate from the attachment. The two are mated by interweaving the strap between the platform and attachment webbing, alternating as they go.

Attachment options are nearly endless, ranging from small clips gloves and small items up to full field medical kits. So long as the item can fit into one of thousands of pouch sizes, a user can wear their gear into the field, keeping their hands free. When used on packs, MOLLE expands the pack’s carry volume and organizes the contents into smaller, easily divisible pockets. When placed on a jacket or vest, the user can keep important gear close at hand in the most comfortable, convenient orientation possible.